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Canadian Discovery Turns Skin Into Blood

Canadian researchers at McMaster University have successfully turned skin into blood by bypassing the embryonic, stem-cell state. Mick Bhatia and colleagues at the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine created blood progenitor cells that were then turned into all three blood cell types – white, red, and […]

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Blackwater Rafting, Kiwi-Style

On the South Island of New Zealand, JANE LANGILLE and her family enjoy blackwater rafting in a surreal underground landscape, drifting in pitch black darkness under thousands of glow-worms. Originally published in The Globe and Mail Travel, Saturday January 6, 2007 Our half-day adventure started early in the morning in a van, careening around the […]

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Welcome to

Welcome to, my new website launching today with a fresh focus on writing about health, wellness and active living. There is a plethora of information about health – information that deserves a critical eye, an expert interview and an intelligent, balanced perspective. I enjoy writing about topics that can help people. My latest work […]

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Stop sitting and get moving

It’s time to stop sitting and get moving. Automation saves time, time that we can use to do other things. Over time, humans have engineered daily tasks so that less and less effort is required. We no longer have to lift garage doors, get up from the couch to change the channel, or chop vegetables. There […]

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When will the Annapolis sink?

Holding my regulator and my mask, I fall backwards into the chilly emerald green to revel in weightless freedom. Descending slowly beside the mast of the G.B. Church, streams of plankton catch ribbons of sunlight leading down to the depths. My mask is within inches of the softly waving tentacles of a mauve barnacle. Limpets, […]

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