Stats of the Union – GE Healthcare’s New iPad App

There is a mountain of American healthcare data, but how can we put it to good use? Stats of the Union is a new iPad application by GE Healthcare, a powerful new tool to bring health data together in an easy-to-navigate map. Users can explore more than 70 health factors at their fingertips– from life expectancy to incidence of disease to access to medical care. With a pinch, swipe or zoom, anyone can investigate data for a particular county or state, or see statistics for the whole country.

GE Healthcare Stats of the Union iPad App

Stats of the Union is the latest project by GE’s data visualization program. The app is powered by over 229,000 data points from federal agencies including the Census Bureau, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor and the Environmental Protection Agency.Camille Kubie, who manages data visualization for GE says, “What we’re trying to do with data visualization is to simplify all of the data around us. Data doesn’t have value until you do something with it. We think that data visualization can make data easier to understand, create more action or find new insights.”

One of the best features of the app is the ability to take a snapshot of any map and share it. For example, people deciding to move and start a family could compare indicators for lack of first trimester care, life expectancy or population demographics. Physicians could use a snapshot of binge drinking or obesity in a given area and use that as a conversation starter to address strategies for improvement.

Stats of the Union is a free iPad app developed for GE by Ben Fry at Fathom Information Design. In the first 5 days since its launch, it was downloaded over one thousand times and it is steadily climbing the list for most popular health apps.

In an easy-to-use format, GE’s new iPad app presents a factual, digestible picture to help people create informed strategies for tackling health challenges.


Learn more about Stats of the Union from GE Reports. Download the Stats of the Union app at iTunes. Discover other GE visualizations at Healthymagination Visualizing Data or visit Decoding Data to read more about how visualizations can help people tackle critical questions. Watch a video of Ben FryStats of the Union developer, where he discusses how visualizations make data accessible.

Originally published on GE Healthy Outlook, May 24, 2011. Copyright Jane Langille.

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