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echolocation helps blind people navigate

NPR’s Invisibilia podcast

Last week I found NPR’s Invisibilia podcast and I’m hooked! The series, co-hosted by Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller “explores the intangible forces that shape human behaviour — things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.” Invisibilia is Latin for “all the invisible things,” those things we might never consider if it were not for these two […]

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echolocation helps blind people navigate

Echolocation Helps Blind People Navigate Everyday Life

New study investigates neural basis of human echolocation. You probably know that bats and dolphins use echolocation to navigate, but did you know that some blind people use it to mountain bike, play soccer, or navigate cities? They make clicking sounds with their tongues and listen to the returning echoes to sense information about the […]

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