The Health Benefits of Sleep

There are many health benefits of sleep, but improving the quantity and quality of sleep can be quite a challenge in a world that values continuous, 24 x 7 x 365 productivity.

Sleep is important for learning, memory consolidation, alertness, productivity and mood, whereas sleep deprivation is linked to many chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and some cancers. Naps during the day can boost mood, memory, perception, stamina, motor skills, accuracy, enhance your sex life and make julienne French fries. Well, not the last one, but there sure are lots of benefits!

In my latest post for GE Healthy Outlook, ‘The Health Benefits of Napping‘, I share sleep expert Sara C. Mednick’s advice about how long you should nap and the best time to catch some Zs so you don’t wake up groggy. I was surprised to find out that right nap can be more restorative than reaching for a cup of coffee to push through an afternoon slump. Even better, a power nap of 20-30 minutes will not shortchange a solid night’s sleep.

If you want to read more about getting the most from your sleep at night, check out my story ‘Zeo Sleep Manager: The Science of a Sleep Lab at Home.‘ Zeo Sleep Manager lets you track your sleep cycles so you can make changes to your daytime lifestyle habits and improve the quality of restorative sleep you actually get. It even has a feature that wakes you at the optimal time in the lightest phase of sleep so you wake up alert.

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