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Yoga for Pain Relief – Free Webinars

For some people who suffer from chronic pain, yoga can provide much needed pain relief and help increase functional movement. The Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD), Pain BC and The Canadian Pain Coalition are offering a series of five free webinars called Yoga for People with Pain. The series starts […]

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Pain Squad App Helps Sick Kids Fight Cancer Pain

A new iPhone app called Pain Squad is helping kids with cancer fight pain, by helping them track how much pain they have, how long it lasts, where it hurts and what helps to keep it in check. Each year in Canada, 1,400 children are diagnosed with cancer and they have to fight both the […]

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The Science of Yoga

Researchers are studying how the science of yoga actually works. George Salem, Ph.D. a biokinesiologist and physical therapist at the University of Southern California, studies the biometrics of yoga in healthy seniors and finds that some poses are actually targeting different muscles than originally understood, indicating that some poses may need to be altered for […]

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Surgical Treatment for Migraines

Migraine surgery techniques show significant and lasting improvement More than 30,000,000 Americans (18% of females and 6% of males) suffer from migraine headaches that often seriously interfere with their lives, and current medication therapies only help about one-third of sufferers. Now, a recent 5- year study shows that innovative craniofacial surgery can offer a significantly […]

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New Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Beyond pills and patches – new treatment options for chronic pain  A new report by the Institute of Medicine reveals that a startling number of Americans, 116 million, are affected by chronic pain – more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. Chronic pain is a huge public health burden that costs the U.S. up […]

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