New jobs in regenerative medicine

Canada is a hotbed for the commercialization of regenerative medicine and stem cell discoveries. How appropriate, since two Canadian doctors, James Till and Ernest McCulloch discovered transplantable stem cells at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto in 1961.

Accelerated growth in this industry sector is opening up new job opportunities for medical laboratory technologists. The benefits include working with scientific discoveries and leading-edge technologies to find exciting new treatment options that can help people living with devastating diseases and conditions.

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Check out my story From Bench to Business in the Winter 2015 issue of the Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science. I enjoyed interviewing Lianne Witt, technical director of laboratory and client services at Insception Lifebank, Canada’s largest private cord blood bank, and Emily Titus, manager of technology at CCRM. It was great to learn about their career paths and why they feel this is a great time to be working in the fields of regenerative medicine and stem cells.

What medical lab technologist wouldn’t want to work with specialized equipment such as the Microsquisher?

Click on the image below for the full story:

From Bench to Business: new jobs in regenerative medicine and stem cells

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