Writing, Editing and Consulting Services

Storytelling expertise: Do you need engaging content crafted by a health journalist with storytelling skills and who has experience interviewing doctors, patients, researchers and healthcare leaders? I have interviewed hundreds of experts and know how to weave a narrative arc with compelling quotes to engage, inform and inspire your readers.

Accuracy: Are you looking for content that is evidence-based and accurate? I understand clinical trial design and have expertise parsing medical research studies to distill the central findings and communicate balanced perspectives without overstating the implications.

Save time: Are you short on time to create an ever-increasing amount of content in-house? I can help by ghostwriting editorial content for your thought leaders, writing content for newsletters or writing news releases for significant milestones or scientific papers embargoed for publication.

Appeal to your target audience: With experience writing for both consumer and healthcare professional audiences, I’m a whiz at making technically-heavy content accessible to the average reader, or ensuring that it speaks in a professional tone that doctors and other healthcare professionals appreciate.

Strategic consulting: Do you need help figuring out the best approach to solve a problem? I love to be involved at the beginning of projects to learn about the issues my clients face and then working with them as a team member to create the best strategy to achieve their objectives.

I create:

  • Feature Articles

  • Researcher Profiles

  • News Releases

  • Thought Leadership Content

  • Annual Reports

  • Advertorials

  • Newsletters

  • Case Studies

  • Business Reports

  • White Papers

  • Blog Posts

  • Website Copy

  • Custom Brochures

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Don’t see the type of content you need on my list? Don't worry - I'm a quick study! Contact me to discuss your objectives and determine if I'm the right fit for your next project.