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We Must Preserve Our Last Antibiotics

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are on the rise. At the same time, antibiotic drug development has slowed to a crawl. We’re definitely in trouble and must preserve our last antibiotics. Little did I know when I set out to report this story last February for the Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science that within days, the World […]

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CSMLS scare in Saskatoon

Ebola Scare in Saskatoon

You have probably heard about the Ebola epidemic that began in West Africa in early 2014 and continues today. But I bet you have never heard about an Ebola scare in Saskatoon that happened only a few days after the outbreak began in March 2014. For this story for The Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science, I […]

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vaccine record

Vaccines and the honour system

My son emailed me this week to ask if he had been immunized for measles when he was little. He’s working for a Silicon Valley tech company for a co-op work term. His employer had issued a notice that an employee in another building has contracted measles, so he wondered if he is at risk. His concern is valid […]

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new drug dificid for c difficile

Biotech Firm Wins FDA Approval for C. Difficile Antibiotic

The number of newly approved antibiotics has declined significantly since the 1980s as large pharmaceutical companies have mostly withdrawn from research and development in this critical market segment. Fortunately, the biotech industry is now stepping up to the plate to develop much-needed antibiotics to fight a rising number of drug-resistant superbugs, such as Clostridium difficile (or C. […]

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better treatment for latent TB

Research Finds Faster Treatment for Latent TB

3-month weekly therapy as safe and effective as 9-month daily therapy If you had latent tuberculosis—infection with TB bacteria that could flare up into active disease–which treatment therapy would you choose: a three-month therapy of 12 weekly doses or a nine-month therapy of 270 daily doses? According to a multinational study by the Centers for […]

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FDA Approves INCIVEK to Treat Hepatitis C

This story was published on GE Healthy Outlook last spring after the FDA approved INCIVEK. I spoke with Jordan Feld, MD MPH, hepatologist at the Toronto Western Hospital Liver Clinic and clinician scientist at the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health at the University of Toronto, to find out what this new drug could mean for patients […]

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FDA Approves First Rapid Detection Test for MRSA

FDA Clears First Rapid Diagnostic Test for Superbug MRSA

This is my health news story published last spring on GE Healthy Outlook about the first rapid diagnostic test for the highly resistant superbug MRSA. New technology test helps fight infection sooner MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a superbug bacteria that is highly resistant to antibiotics like methicillin. MRSA emerged in health care settings in the 1960s, but […]

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