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Body Weight Training Now a Top Fitness Trend

Body weight training is now a top fitness trend for the first time, according to the American College of Sports Medicine‘s annual worldwide survey released today. Body weight training includes exercises that use the body as resistance, requiring minimal or no additional equipment and includes exercises like push-ups, planks, pull-ups, squats and others. “Body weight […]

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Is Too Much Sitting Bad For Your Health?

Beware the chair – Add more activity to your day for better health. Are you sitting down to read this? Perhaps you should be standing up. In a recent study, those who spent almost all of their time sitting had a 54% higher risk of mortality from all causes (except cancer) compared to those who hardly […]

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Pardon Me? How Spin Class led to Tinnitus

I love the pumping beat of rock music in my spin cycle class. It keeps me on pace, ensuring a good cardio burn. The instructor cranks up the stereo in the small room that holds 15 bikes, donning her microphone so the class can hear her instructions over the music. It’s a blast, literally. I’m […]

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How to keep your workout gear from stinking

Ever notice that after a while, your workout gear smells, well, a little funky? How can you keep your workout gear from stinking? A friend at the gym told me she throws out all of her Lululemon gear after a year or so ands buy all new pieces, because her old gear smells bad, even […]

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Blackwater Rafting, Kiwi-Style

On the South Island of New Zealand, JANE LANGILLE and her family enjoy blackwater rafting in a surreal underground landscape, drifting in pitch black darkness under thousands of glow-worms. Originally published in The Globe and Mail Travel, Saturday January 6, 2007 Our half-day adventure started early in the morning in a van, careening around the […]

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Stop sitting and get moving

It’s time to stop sitting and get moving. Automation saves time, time that we can use to do other things. Over time, humans have engineered daily tasks so that less and less effort is required. We no longer have to lift garage doors, get up from the couch to change the channel, or chop vegetables. There […]

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