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Cartiva implant reduces toe pain, improves motion

Surgery to put Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implants in the large joints of my big toes has reduced pain and restored motion and function.

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high heels hurt more than your feet

High heels hurt more than your wallet

At my son’s recent graduation, I couldn’t help wincing as I watched almost all of the women graduates teetering on 4″ (or higher!) high heels. As you would expect with our cultural norms, all of the men wore flat dress shoes.

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Health risks of wearing high heels

Do you know that there are several health risks from wearing high heels? I used to wear them daily when I had an office job, even though they hurt my feet sometimes and I didn’t need the extra height. Now it hurts to wear them at all because I have worn flats for so long. […]

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