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high heels hurt more than your feet

High heels hurt more than your wallet

At my son’s recent graduation, I couldn’t help wincing as I watched almost all of the women graduates teetering on 4″ (or higher!) high heels. As you would expect with our cultural norms, all of the men wore flat dress shoes.

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Health risks of wearing high heels

Do you know that there are several health risks from wearing high heels? I used to wear them daily when I had an office job, even though they hurt my feet sometimes and I didn’t need the extra height. Now it hurts to wear them at all because I have worn flats for so long. […]

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Successful long-term weight loss strategies

Have you already dropped the ball on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Did you fall for silly diet season or try to stick to an unrealistic fitness plan that would put an elite athlete to shame? We live in a world that’s increasingly driven by short-term rewards, but successful long-term weight loss can only be […]

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